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Tencent Gaming Buddy Download

Tencent Gaming Buddy Download For PC | Pubg Emulator

For all those who want the Tencent Gaming Buddy download, you will surely get it here. But before downloading it, read on this article to know more about the Evolution of Tencent Emulator. With the announcement of the greatest battle royale of all times releasing on mobile platforms, the news broke the Internet. People started looking everywhere on the Internet about Tencent Gaming Buddy download. And due to the increase in the hype, the audience began playing the game on Bluestacks. This forced the development team to create their very own Tencent Gaming Buddy.

But, the main problem with most of the countries mainly the third world countries was that people didn’t have such a medium to high-end spec mobile phones. So, the developers noticed the hype and understood that they had to create an emulator so that everyone can play. Hence, they created the Tencent Gaming Buddy download. Again this news broke the Internet, as Pubg was still the Number 1 Multiplayer Online Battle Arena of that time. Also, people had already started searching for terms like Tencent Buddy, Tencent Emulator, Tencent Game Buddy, etc. on all the search engines.

Tencent Gaming Buddy Download

The other problems that people faced were Poor Internet and not a decent PC to play Pubg PC. These factors lead to creating a demand for the company to create its own Tencent Pubg Emulator. Player Unknowns BattleGround was initially created for PC gamers. At that time battle royales were uncommon. And with the release of Pubg, people started loving the game. With the success of Pubg PC, the game franchise was carried forward by a company named Tencent who were experts in creating mobile games.

tencent emulator download

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Download the official Tencent emulator for PC from this Site

In this way, Pubg mobile was created. With the increase of the userbase in the popular mobile game, the company started to bring updates and bug fixes to the game. Tencent Gaming Buddy was created thereafter due to an increase in the amount of the audience requesting for an official emulator from the company. The company said it was unfair for the people to play the same game on emulators like Bluestacks, so they introduced the Tencent Gaming Buddy download and they finally released it for pc.

Minimum Requirements to run Tencent Buddy on your PC

  1. Both 32 and 64 Bit systems can run the game.
  2. GPU Requirement (Minumum) : Intel HD Graphics 4000.
  3. Graphics should be capable of supporting OpenGL 2.0 or DXD11.
  4. At least 3 GB of RAM.
  5. 1.4 GHz Dual Core CPU.

Click Here To Download Tencent Gaming Buddy

How to Install Tencent Gaming Buddy download on your PC

The steps to download the Tencent emulator on your pc are simple. You just have to choose the type of file you want to download from the below-given options and click on it. This will download the Tencent pubg emulator on your device. After the download is completed, just click on the file to start installing. Complete the installation as prompted by the installer to finish the installation. And now you have successfully installed Tencent Gaming Buddy download on your PC.

Different types of error while Installing Tencent Emulator

  1. Installation stuck on 98%.
  2. Different error codes during the process.
  3. Tencent Emulator Download failed to start.
  4. Graphics Drivers requires an update.
  5. Audio related issues.
  6. Game lagging.
  7. Ctrl key working failed during gameplay.

Tencent Pubg Emulator stuck on 98%

The main issue which people face while installing Tencent pubg emulator on their machine is that almost the full process is completed but it gets stuck on 98%. How frustrating is that, right? But, do not worry I have come up with a solution for the same. Firstly, you can try disabling the default windows security on your computer. Windows comes with an inbuilt antivirus known as Windows Defender which may block some of the resources of Tencent Gaming Buddy download from running. This may lead to your game getting stuck just before loading.

Also, you can also try and delete the temp folder which is located under the diagnosis option of the TGB. Delete all the files in the temp folder and then run the tencent gaming buddy download. This will surely fix the problem for you.

All the error codes in Tencent Gaming Buddy download

Firstly you can try uninstalling tencent pubg emulator and also delete all the files and then reinstall the program. If this doesn’t work, open the cmd as an admin and the type – netsh Winsock reset. Now, press the enter button and then restart your machine. Sometimes if your CPU usage goes up to 100%, then also problems like these may occur. In this case, simply restarting the tencent gaming buddy download for pc might solve your errors.

Tencent Emulator Not Starting

For this particular problem, an easy fix is available i.e. Process Hacker. Just install the process and run it as an admin. Then search for a process named aow_***.exe and end that process. Okay after doing that, try running Tencent pubg emulator and this should pretty much solve your problem. If this does not make your tencent game buddy run correctly, read on more to find out different solutions mentioned on this site.

Tencent Buddy Graphics Driver requires an update

If this type of or similar error shows up you need to download Driver Booster File (search anywhere on the Internet) and install it. This particular software will make your work too easy. Run the software and look for any outdated driver. If you find any, just update the particular driver and you are done. Simply restart the PC open your Tencent Emulator Download and it will surely run the game.

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Mic Audio & Voice Issues in Tencent Emulator

This is one of those issues that a lot of Pubg Mobile Emulator players face. In this problem, people don’t hear their teammate’s voice or they have a game sound audio lag. The problem occurs in the pubg emulator when other teammates communicate properly, but only your voice is inaudible. The best possible solution to this problem is on the sound settings on your device. The fix is to set the Input and Output options to a USB device in under the running apps section.

Game Lagging while playing in Tencent Gaming Buddy download

This issue purely depends on the type of hardware you are using or on the capability of your gaming setup. Still, I can suggest you some settings that might help you in your gameplay. First of all, try running Compatibility Troubleshooter from the properties tab. Yes, if your windows version is 7 or earlier, you need to install Directx to play Tencent game buddy.

Also, you can change some settings in the Tencent gaming buddy download for pc. For example: Select Open GL (in the engine tab) if you have a better GPU, select GL+ if you have the best graphics processor. Select Directx if you have a better CPU, in the same way, select Directx+ if you have the best CPU. In the same Engines tab, you will find an option to prioritize dedicated GPU, check that if you have a GPU like AMD or Nvidia. The rest of the settings like Anti-aliasing and less RAM usage should be obvious that you have to set them to the minimum while playing.

Ctrl Key not working while playing on Tencent Emulator

There is a simple solution to this problem, just rest the keys on your Tencent Gaming Buddy download for PC. You can do this by following the steps as I say. Select the control tables in in-game settings. Then select customize and then click on reset but do not forget to save afterward. This will reset all the key bindings to the game and your problem will be solved.

tencent emulator download

This was it regarding the installation of Tencent Gaming Buddy download on your PC. If any further problems persist please ask in the comments section and I will try my best to solve all the issues regarding Tencent Gaming Buddy download. Anyways, in this post, I have tried to cover all the installation issues as well as the game issues faced by different players in Tencent Buddy. Anyways, this should sum up the topic of Tencent Emulator. I hope you find this article good enough and most of your queries might already be given in the above paragraphs regarding the Tencent Gaming Buddy download.